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[b]German laser communications firm Mynaric prices US IPO at $16.50[/b]
November 12, 2021
Mynaric, a German maker of laser technologies for aerospace communications networks, raised $66 million by offering 4 million ADSs at $16.50, below the as-converted last close of its shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange ($16.93).

Mynaric believes that it is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced laser communication technology for aerospace communications networks in government and commercial markets. Its technology and products are designed to provide the backbone for connectivity to link satellites, high-altitude platforms, unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft, and the ground with secure wireless data transmission. The company aims to industrialize laser communication by focusing on developing standardized and modularized products suitable for a wide array of customers and applications, and it has benefited from advancing on the learning curve with the development of the pre-serial product versions of its CONDOR and HAWK terminals. Mynaric is currently ramping up serial production and expects to be able to increase production output from 11 terminals in 2020 to 50 terminals in 2021, targeting an annual production rate of up to 2,000 units going forward.

Mynaric plans to list on the Nasdaq under the symb