The Japanese NIKKEI Stock Market Closed Up 16% Near 30 Year Highs


BOJ “Summary of Opinions” of the Monetary Policy Meeting on March 18 and 19 – full text

The Bank of Japan ‘summary’ precedes the minutes by months.

Headlines via Reuters:

ensuring current policy framework can be sustained in stable fashion is important in pledging to keep monetary policy loose
BOJ can show in advance steps to mitigate side-effects that may arise if it were to ease policy further
BOJ must heighten transparency of its policy by clarifying band at which it allows long-term yields to fluctuate
desirable to give long-term yields flexibility to move up and down 0.25% around BOJ’s target from standpoint of stabilising market pricing
BOJ must rigidly apply new range around its yield target partly by using its new market operation tool
desirable for BOJ to buy ETFs in flexible manner
BOJ’s commitment on monetary base plays key role in showing its determination it won’t easily head toward exit from ultra-loose policy
appropriate for BOJ to tweak its commitment to clarify what action it will take in achieving price target