Star Trek: Discovery Info, Time, etc


[color=teal][size=5][b]”STAR TREK CONTINUES” series is awesome – as Rudolph & I watched 1st 2 of 11 episodes last night (720p video & esp. HQ stereo are well done) … That whole series to me seems like an IMPROVED version of many of the original ones … and as I have some awesome speakers with sub-woofer hooked into DELL tower, the HQ stereo is like being in a small movie theater … I also love documentaries about nature, space, weather, etc. — so who needs cable 😉 🙂

Below are 2 links I have used … For about 3 years or more I’ve used the “Save From” link that converts to mp4 formats (and actually do not even have a login where I could get 1024p quality videos – I go in anonymously — without logging on (and if I can’t get a TEMP copy to view I respect that) … I usually go for the 720 option if available which is free on the SAVEFROM site … Some movies are blocked to protect digital rights (a concept I believe in as well). Finally 720p views still are great at home in HDMI mode — and take far less HARD DRIVE space than going with 1024p. .. but even 360p or 480p views are equal to regular TV (actually crisper in sound & audio)

I’m more of a “downloader” than “streamer” (as even though I have great home connections that no longer buffers) .. I like some of older 1960 SCI-FI (and actually have a love of the “arts” I even try to look at movie-making aspects as it goes along) …

For example, I watched the