Star Trek: Discovery Info, Time, etc


[color=teal][b]WOW – creating a few mp4’s to view later … No wonder I liked the Sulu episode above which I easily put in my top 10 of all versions .. Star Trek II is my fav movie of all time … and Trouble with Tribbles is fav from TV series

GOOGLE IT … and indeed I found nice write-ups on these two series … we cut kord on the TV and sports events are not available — but I love SCI-FI far more anyway as my sports teams let me down too often 😉 I still like original & 2nd GEN the best – but beggars can’t be choosers when your only option is local channels

1. Star Trek Continues

Star Trek Continues is an American fan-created web series set in the Star Trek universe. Produced by the non-profit charity Trek Continues, Inc. and Dracogen, and initially co-produced by Far From Home LLC and Farragut Films, the series consists of eleven episodes released between 2013 and 2017. The series is an unofficial direct continuation of Star Trek: The Original Series, and emulates its visual and storytelling features to achieve the same look and feel. Those who made the show have said in interviews that the intent was to finish the original five year mission of the show, and this is borne out in the plot lines of the final two episodes.

2. Star Trek New Voyages

Star Trek: New Voyages, known from 2008 until 2015 as Star Trek: Phase II, was a fan-created science fiction webseries set in the fictional Star Trek universe. The series was designed as a continuation of the original Star Trek (aka ST:TOS or just TOS), beginning in the fifth and final year of the starship Enterprise’s “five-year mission.” The first episode was released in January 2004, with new episodes being released at a rate of about one per year. Production on new episodes quietly halted in early 2016, with creator/producer James Cawley stating in July that he “quit making fan films months ago”. The sets constructed for New Voyages were licensed as a ‘Studio Set Tour’ beginning in July 2016.

it has attracted the talents of a number of professional writers and actors associated with official Star Trek productions, including George Takei reprising his role as Sulu in “World Enough and Time”, and Walter Koenig as Chekov in “To Serve All My Days”. Eugene Roddenberry Jr., the son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, served as consulting producer. The show’s best-known episode “World Enough and Time” was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form in 2008,[/b][/color]