Saudi Promise More Oil Export Cuts, Russia To Look at U.S.


[size=4]with almost all nations in a DRILL, DRILL, DRILL mode (even with climate change treaties, where we are supposed to be going in opposite direction – lol) … cutbacks do help improve prices — but not with same impact as in past

Still, all the easy oil has been mined & it’s very costly to do so even though earth has far more than we knew about during peak oil years … and even fracking may not be not ecologically good & have some future cleanup costs in direct areas mined.

Still, it is an efficient & relative cheap & abundant resource for energy. The mid-East nations are still strategic & may be some of last easy-to-drill harvest areas. So far in 2017, enjoying some of best gas prices in years, so I’m grateful to fill up more economically these days 🙂 [/size]