Roku IPO The New Rocket Man $ROKU Launches 61% on Debut


[quote=”Assistanc3″ post=1811]$ROKU is hardware and the middle man
newer TV’s are already making hardware obsolete

with DIAL “Discovery And Launch” you can get around a top box
Roku is DIAL-enabled but DIAL only really works for Netflix and YouTube.

What Android device users can do is, use the Google Cast extension (supports DIAL) on the smart phone and mirror the phone to the smart TV. This is why its smart to hold onto that last smartphone, tablet or laptop when you buy a new one.

Now with that said, if one wanted to create the ultimate home media center, they would get an old PC (that at least has an HDMI output) and Bluetooth and create the media center that you really want. Add in a cloud storage device and you are looking at easily 2-3 terabytes of storage.[/quote]

Thank you for the tips A3 – wish I was more tech savvy 🙁