NCAAF Week Playoffs


[b][color=teal][size=5]POTUS#45 will be at game tonight … heard on local radio news that “kneeling protests” planned at game & CNN world HQs — which may spoil game for some patriotic folks … still, these folks are hurting themselves … I can’t get the game but would probably still watch otherwise as it will be a good matchup that could go either way … but hopefully the TIDE will ROLL

UPDATE: NCAAP calls for anti-trump signs & to wear white clothing (that way maybe media can better find) … I would like to watch football & not replay 2016 election or see disrespect to flag. it is sad to use game as political platform … and we will probably see a few incidents of knelling, etc. in Olympics (which we have to get a thread set up for) … I do hope ESPN focus in on game & not these distractions