Market Weekly: October 27 – November 2 2019


[color=purple][b][i]^^^^ +1s … YES — and as shared in church yesterday with a few friends — “before day is over media will be criticizing him for even taking out leader of ISIS”. And indeed sadly that happened. And while I don’t agree with all #45 does — 50% of his work is about the best things that could be done to get USA out of 8 years of stagnancy. He exhibits strong leadership even — and maybe too strong (lol) as it is apolitical or unorthodox at times.8)

And in my opinion does not deserve impeachment based on a lot of FALSE & fabricated charges. But even if impeached or thrown out of office – it’s likely my bride & I will cast our 1st votes for an impeached president (not wanting taxes to go up, medicare for all, paying for everyone’s college education, etc). And in 2nd term, they could try again making him only one with multiple impeachments (as some in Congress will never give up – lol). … but as #45 usually has an “ace in hole” Barr’s investigation of how this all started has some in #44s administration now nervous — as it has been upgraded to a criminal rather than informational one 😉 :whistle:

Still politics aside — Thank God for our service men & women who planned & carried out this dangerous operation. With a miraculous zero loss of life — and only injury was a dog as a pack was unleashed into tunnel as part of strategy. Speech #45 did was awesome storytelling of the account …. May God bless the USA 🙂 [/i][/b][/color]