Market Weekly: May 28 – June 1 2018


On Memorial Day watched a movie about Dieter Dengler – a U.S. pilot who was shot down, captured, held as a POW (where his weight dropped down to 98lbs), finally escaped a POW camp during the Vietnam War, then spent weeks in the jungle before eventually being found and rescued.

One of the many remarkable stories about the sacrifices made by the brave men and women of our nations Armed Forces through the years. If one has the time, on the link below read where it says “Capture”, “POW camp”, “Escape”, and “Rescue”.

As always on Memorial Day, in respect for my late father read the media reports about when he went miles behind enemy lines during WWII to blow up a cave using dynamite where German forces had canons hidden inside a cave that were causing a lot of problems for US troops. Just as I’m sure CI was thinking about his brother and the sacrifices his brother made for our nation, which personally sincerely appreciate CI sharing in the past.