Market Weekly: May 24 – 30 2020


[b]Tomorrow I hope to pick up some of following hot pepper plants
I’ve just discovered a friend who grows exotic & super hot varieties in our area
he is professional grower & has bunches of LEFT OVER plants

I’ve already got bunches of HABs & a few ghosts of my own started for 2020
Plants cost $3 each & are awesome bargain – best investment since OIL @-$35 – lol
Very happy & thankful for something good on bucket list to come true 🙂
Not many of #2 left — but get about 5 each in all other categories 8)

[color=red]1. GHOST original world’s hottest from INDIA (1M+ Scoville)
2. CAROLINA REAPER (2M+ Scoville)
4. CARIBBEAN RED HABANEROS (only .5M+ Scoville)[/color]

if lucky to get fruit later — each SEED of a Carolina Reaper is worth 25 cents 😆
#2 & #3 are the hottest official peppers on planet :woohoo:
unless you want to add pure tear gas to the “fire of mtn. chilli – lol 😆 [/b]