Market Weekly: May 17 – 23 2020


[color=purple][size=5][i]While I’m even more of a conservative than “R” party currently is :whistle:
No matter who the POTUS is — they should be in our prayers at all times
as I liked a few things #44 did & every POTUS + their family have always been in my prayers

With that said VP JOE is not surging ahead … He’s having major gaffs in all of video rallies so far
That includes WILD GEESE squawking in the last one – LOL … Lots of slurring of words, etc.
And in earlier days as more of “blue dog” — he would be much better candidate than in 2020

While I like most actions of #45 — I’m still open minded to pick very best choice ahead for NOV 3
But will be voting for most conservative candidate —- even if like last time I had to pick lesser of 2 evils 👿
I’m hoping to wake up & discover this has all been a SCI-FI dream rather than reality
and otherwise will make the best of each day 8)

In honor of the wonderful GEESE in Delaware – lol 😉 :)[/i][/size][/color]