Market Weekly: May 17 – 23 2020


[i][color=limegreen][size=5]DEVIL WEED 👿 👿 👿 will soon be decriminalized in VIRGINIA
As our state joins 26 other states in no longer treating as CRIME ($25 fine only for up to 1oz)
and agree with changes even though one should try to save their brain cells for better things
as long as medical or personal use is done responsibly & privately by ADULTS only
Northern Virginia & District of Crime have swung VIRGINIA to far left
from RED to BLUE state — as the new “California” of the east :ohmy: .

Many seniors are in shock at changes in past year :woohoo:
Still the “good book” is a better guide than a bunch of man made laws – lol[/size] :)[/color][/i]