Market Weekly: May 10 – 16 2020


[color=purple][i][b]GOOD MONDAY MORNING to all … a wee bit of selling of WALL STREET :ohmy:
DOW is off 200 points … And concern abounds at record level U/E, DEBT, and depression like ECON stats

Statistically, I’ve been watching day-to-day virus STATs & indeed see tiny bit of improvement in USA
Russia is severe outbreak mode … And as Southern hemisphere moves out of summer they may increase
COVID-19 should follow SARS life cycle pattern (which is a little longer plateau at peak than regular flu)
Heat, Light, and humidity factors impact SARS capability to live “in the wild”

LET THERE BE LIGHT in days ahead to better mitigate virus spread
as our creator & greats minds of mankind will defeat this germ one day 8) [/b][/i][/color]