Market Weekly: May 10 – 16 2020


VP JOE continues to have gaffes in even doing a scripted & with friendly guests present … He has had 2 brain anurisms in past & that causes him to slur & be forgetful at times. So who knows what is ahead. And I share health issues as simply a concern — and non-political also … hopefully never scenario of — “what is this football (nuclear) I’m holding & wonder if I press the buttons?” – lol 😉 but maybe not that bad 🙂 Still maybe at VIRTUAL zoom-based “D” convention a new candidate could be selected? I’m more of conservative than “R” or “D” — but if belonged to “D” side – I would be worried at this point?

The roundtable featured Biden along with Michigan Gov. Whitmer, New Jersey Gov. Murphy, and Connecticut Gov. Lamont, discussing the coronavirus pandemic. Like other recent Biden virtual events, Thursday’s was marked by