Market Weekly: March 21 – 20 2026


[color=purple][size=5]Good MONDAY morning to all … Senate failed to pass $2T bill as DEMs blocked passage

and maybe even that might be good thing — as it’s probably best to spread out these massive bailouts into multiple parts — as so much pork was added that we DOUBLED from $1T to $2T — and it’s still not enough … Money should be targeted to[u] those unemployed & hardest hit businesses.[/u] … And Nancy even showed up to take this over for HOUSE to do the work & that delays getting help to those truly in need 🙁

OPEC/Russia should also solve OIL crisis — because “[i]as goeth OIL — so goeth the markets” :woohoo:

Futures Markets however went from LIMIT DOWN to “super green” as at least #45 & team are doing things rather than bickering over politics [/i][/size][/color]

[color=green][b]Muchian & FED will put $4T of liquidity into markets to prop up during disaster as “loans”