Market Weekly: March 21 – 20 2026


[color=purple][i][b]Good Friday morning to ALL … in work-from-home & quarantined mode — it’s difficult to track what day it is
USA is in outbreak mode in NYC, LA, New Orleans, etc. & #1 in COVID-19 infections
(mainly because we have tested the most & all politicians took too lightly allowing it in to spread exponentally)
and of course even #45 was heavily critiqued for closing borders on JAN 31 (or would have been even worst)
Base on Asian models, my own thoughts are 2 more hard weeks for peak & some easing after Easter
but it won’t be over and waves could come back in fall … thank goodness I moved to WFH 5 years ago

DOW futures at -727 & Markets are in profit taking
(and this nice rally could even be a “bulls trap” as with really bad news we could go below 18,500? :ohmy:

The $2.2T relief package will require House FULL VOTE as house “R” member from Kentucky has some issues with bill :whistle:
and certainly there is not only PORK but some of lowest waged layoffs could make more than regular salary
with $600 FED U/E bonus added to regular state totals … overall package is good, but could be improved 😳 [/b][/i][/color]

[i][size=5]And something to look forward to one day in 2020
To take care of this crazy YEAR OF THE RAT[/size][/i] 😉 8)

[i][size=5]And with some PATIENCE & PERSEVERANCE & help from above
hopefully we’ll have safe PASSAGE from PANDEMIC [/size][/i] 😉 8)