Market Weekly: March 14 – 20 2020


[color=purple][b][i]#45 and company are doing excellent job in one of toughest things our nation has ever went thru
Very stern leadership — maybe too stern in Patton-like manner – lol (esp. firing back at some in media)
Still he has great team — and hopefully warmer temps & 15-day step + best practices will abate “invisible enemy”
we are on mandatory work from home .. I thank God our family & the herd will be spared possibly from worst 🙂

I believe around 18,000 may be bottom
and hopefully we’ll rocket up from there
and as moved completely to money markets year-end 2019 — I’m ready to pounce on greatest buying opp in a while
JULY 2020 = replaces 04/15/2020 IRS filing date

And prayers of safety to all — as our son works at hospital with 1st COVID-19 in SW VA … so those on front-lines are at top of prayer list …. and maybe we can even get lucky that drug of 40 safe years of use — for malaria be a helpful future resource to hel[/i][/b][/color]p