Market Weekly: June 11 – 15 2018


[b]on a personal note – I was born with high IQ, but sometimes lack in common sense … but when going to school lots of practical things need to be better taught — like investing, trading, insurance, how bank accounts work, etc.

I’ve only got a few shares of our parent companies ESOP shares — and they spiked up about 12% in just a few weeks after being flat … In brokerage account I could not get transactions to take well … I had always put in a price at the current price (or a dollar higher) than real-time prices (not out greed but to lock on high for the day) & my instincts were right at the time in hitting daily high (after the 2 o’clock club & PPT had did their work – lol)

and now I finally learned how my brokerage account works — as I locked near recent highs at $581 yesterday — which was better than my earlier attempts (so I am thankful) … I actually lost out on Kroger shares when they were are $22.02 by 2 cents as I’m not an active trader & misinterpreted screens.

KEY TIP FOR BROKERAGE TRANSACTIONS: when selling and prices is at $582 for example, enter $1 LESS … for example I went $581 for the over/under … and instantly locked at $581.39 as qualified. Either Sell at slightly less or Buy paying slightly more — and you instantly lock on most current price — as you instantly on being “in bounds” price-wise … now that I know how system works, I might put a little “mad money” to work in near future 8)