Market Weekly: July 5 – 11 2020


[size=5][b]Record COVID-19 spikes in USA today – but equities went GREEN)

[color=purple][i][b]even though I like some of #45’s stances — on this he is on wrong side of science — as SARS version 2.0 is not the “FLU” … but more of an exotic disease — possibly goosed up to spread better if it did escape from labs :whistle: But USA must also get back to work/school/normal one day — and that is also needed.

I’ve been auditing college level classes (Virology 2020 series) & “hermit” like avoidance is only true safe practice :). Masks are helpful — but virus has giant holes to travel … and some will get thru between fibers … and there is also even a negative as virus can “accumulate” on fibers (but small #s) … as long as one does not get large viral load — we are all likely taking in tiny # of germs daily — and gradually maybe that could build immunity? Still my bride & I wear masks 100% of all time amongst others 😉

Likely factors for increase: protect marches, bars, crowded events (even #45s rally should be outdoors, 100% masks, and social distance) … if I can go 1 hour in church with mask – it is drop in bucket compared to 1st liners like our son & daughter … and if I could catch Bambi she would get masked & muzzled also (after taking our 5 rows of beans – lol) :woohoo:

Our leaders must do best they can to balance health v. economy … I pray for nation & leaders on both sides — as “dark side of force” keeps the heat up in 2020 … Still hopeful for best ahead & even positive surprises ahead 8) [/b][/i][/color]