Market Weekly: July 31-Aug-04-2017


[color=green][size=5]Flat opening so far as some “backing” & “filling” must occur by the “traders in the pit” to explore just where those bull stops end 😉 🙂

P.S. Even old “Dry Ships” is sailing better this week (as they popped up over 70% on MON alone to $1.80, as something good must have been announced… and DRYS is up more today (around $1.40). DCIX still is seeking better footing. Both of these penny stocks are on my watchlist (and both have compressed 36 to 1 in reverse share splits) … so divide each share by 35 and you get the TRUE VALUE a couple months ago

P.P.S. wonder if there’s a site that highlights “reserve share splits” (as those are danger, danger Will Robinson types)[/size][/color]