Market Weekly: July 31-Aug-04-2017


[quote=”CautiousInvestor” post=425][size=5][color=green]My idea of perfect electric car is to take best battery technology in world (probably Telsa currently) and blend with best solar panels in the world … The car can charge up in the parking lot and you’ll be completely off the grid … and if you have days of unending rain — then still plug in for an AC charge as needed. Both solar & battery technology must advance to make this practical.

I’m hopeful one day in the future a solar powered electric car can emerge as a cost-effective & green technology solution 8) … just like when chocolate & peanut butter ran into each other to become a Reese’s chocolate peanut butter cup :)[/color][/size][/quote]

[quote=”TradersCom” post=428] Am thinking that the battery has to be able to do 500 miles per charge and then its the game changer for the automobile[/quote]

that is the thing that is separating North America from anywhere else deep state into electric cars, charging stations. If they don’t get the battery to go far enough, trips across the midwest or farmland Canada is gonna leave ya stuck – and hoping cellphone picks up a signal.