Market Weekly: July 2 – 6 2018


[color=purple][b]It’s a MAD MAD MAD WORLD :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
and this is actually a great EDUCATIONAL article by the MAD MAN himself JIM CRAMER 😉 :woohoo:
and he sees DANGER in TWOs, TENs, and TARIFFs :ohmy:
BONDS are the 2s and 10s … 2-year & 10-year are so close to 30-year yields –so why hold for longer run?
He noted this signals a possible recession months ahead (even in our trumped up economy) 😉 :whistle:
and TARIFFS are also points of instability & inflation 🙁
and certainly the MAD MAN is not always right & takes a few hits but it helped me better see danger of bonds