Market Weekly: July 2 – 6 2018


[color=purple][b]GOOD MORNING to all … a few random points as this feels like a Monday:

1. INDEXES all GREEN for now but VOLATILE — as we are 1 day away from CHINA TARIFF sanctions to kick in for real possibly

2. Put me down for “AMY” as next SCOTUS 😉

3. QUESTION — I got chuckle out of hero like article of “Who was that lady who climbed the Statue of Library in protest yesterday”
ANSWER — FAKE NEWS = HERO … my own answer = CRIMINAL (as park had to be shutdown & it is a violation of real laws) :whistle:

4. This USA survey caught my eye on BEST fast-food & full-service restaurant chains 8)

5. Never celebrate the 4th with a 5th … albeit only light consumption for me personally anyway 8)

6. I guarantee old Joey Chestnut could not wolf down 74 of my hot dogs + GHOST chili from yesterday … I believe I could get the scoring down in the single digits – lol 8)

7. On July 5th — I DON’T WANT TO WORK — I WANT TO BANG ON MY DRUM ALL DAY 8)[/b][/color]