Market Weekly: January 27 – February 2 2020


[color=purple][i][b]and a good THU morning to all 8)
DOW FUTURES swing to -230 :ohmy:

The new virus in China has a tiny bit of good news — but also some bad developments 😳
Good News = less deadly than SARS (mainly impacts unhealthy most severely with pre-existing problems like COPD
Bad News = more CONTAGIOUS than SARS) & that it is much above average in symptoms :sick:
and impeachment trials continue & highly liberal changes are coming to Virginia (as new eastern California)
(which used to be one of most conservative states — still Bambi & I are declaring “sanctuary” & we’ll make it fine 🙂

This next song is dedicated to today’s great witchhunt ahead :woohoo:[/b][/i][/color]