Market Weekly: January 12 – 18 2020


[color=purple][i][b]Good TUESDAY morning to all from deer-infested mtns of SW VA 🙂
Almost crashed our Avalon on way office yesterday missing large doe by about 1/2 second crossing highway :woohoo:

in markets Bambi & I see these all time highs “melting up: less by P/E fundamentals
and more by huge firms doing buy-sell’s on their own shares & hedge fund actions & even banksters – lol :whistle:
plus we’ve been lucky to work thru some key risks — and US & China trade deal is indeed good news 8)

US Deficit will be over $1 trillion for fiscal year is bad news to me for example 👿
still let the good times & flash-servers rock-and-roll & let’s party like it’s 1929 😆
and in the land of ZIRP & easy FED policy — 30,000 even may be on the way 8)[/b][/i][/color]