Market Weekly: Jan 15 Jan 19 2018


[color=green][b]CAUTIOUS MOVE TO SAFETY JAN-18 — As a cautious & protective move — I locked all remaining mutual funds in 401k & IRA to “cash” yesterday (money market) as they have been highly profitable and felt it was good to go out on a 300+ power move … and if we go far beyond, I’m still grateful for excellent gains … but the “fiscal cliff” as craziness by politicians/media could impact things in days ahead. I do see a 1000 point or more down day coming (which is only 4% — and that’s where I want to have dry powder to buy on good dips. I’m not a market timer at all & often guess wrong. I’m more of a “profit locker” in when you get a 25% or 30% gain, lock it — and then rebuild those again … that’s helped me do a little better than average thru years … I’m still buying 100% aggressive mutual in each paycheck 🙂

Just like a future asteroid strike or solar EMP — it ain’t a matter of “if” but “when” a market correction will occur. :ohmy: … But I hope it’s a long ways off — and I love to buy gradually on dips back which mathematically works in safe great gains as well 8)[/b][/color]