Market Weekly: Feb 5 Feb 9 2018


[color=purple][b]EARLY DOW FUTURES are DOWN minus 200 :ohmy:
But we’ll take it compared to the wilder swings we have seen 🙂
Still things are highly volatile :whistle:
Mitch S. noted that a couple of HEDGE funds folded once computer trading kicked in :woohoo:
They were basically highly leveraged betting VIX would not rise 😳

Also #44 has put out some boundary lines for a SHUTDOWN :whistle:
and believe that “R” and “D” parties don’t need to tarnish themselves further 👿
after all there is an ELECTION comin’ up 😉

and hopefully this instability we see will be brief 8)
But with ZIRP now being phased out, the days of EZ money are gone :)[/b][/color]