Market Weekly: Dec 25 Dec 29 2017


[size=5]One “shocking” study on TAX CUT 😉 😉

More people will be HELPED than HURT (in 80 to 90 % ranges) :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

In Sunday’s talking head shows — the BERN agreed with stats that 91% of ALL MID-CLASS taxpayers will get benefit from $24,000 (as most of us will go to the 1040 E-Z file system 🙂 FAKE NEWS told us 80% would be hurt, when in fact 80% of ALL receive immediate reductions. And significant corporate tax discounts help economy on a 1 time basis that will be meaningful

I don’t agree with all aspects of bill — but see benefit to nation as a whole. For example ALL state & property taxes (even for CA or NY) should be deductible (i.e., or rather to be part of Schedule A consideration v. $24,000 standard one). I don’t agree with double & triple taxation from ethical standpoint. Still, the $24,000 married DED plus elimination of unconstitutional TAX penalty are manna from heaven. Tax forces folks to purchase something without freedom of choice)…

Most are giving year #1 a “C” or “B” grade — but I give an “A” simply for the against all odds win, plus massive de-regulation of GOVT, and economic improvement. Yes, timeouts & demerits are deserved for bad tweets — as sometimes he fights too hard in both the battles & wars — as 1st potus to double down 😉 And if election result were different in 2016, who ever won would be at top of my prayer list, as this is most important job in country. [/size]