Market Weekly: April 4 – 10 2020


GOOD FRIDAY morning to all …. Stock markets are closed today (thank goodness – lol) … wish all blessed and good holidays ahead … I think the photo of a natural cross I discovered is viewable as shared below …. and SNOWING now on top of mtn even – lol 8)

[b]“FAKEBOOK” POST on CROSS shared below from SW VIRGINIA where the deer & buffalo roam — In cleaning up months after major ice storm in NOV 2018 on mtn. I discovered a tree that had split into a natural shape of cross at about 10 feet tall. After some minor trim work, I have planted some flowers & built a small “park” like area. A neat new place to come meditate & hope for better days ahead. And do wish all a blessed & safe Easter, Passover, and holy days ahead 🙂