Market Weekly: April 27 – May 3 2020

Super Harley

[color=green][size=5][b]White House economic advisor Kudlow Thinks Worse Over Big Recovery To Come
speaking on FOXBusiness

I think the economy is going to grow growth 17% to 20% in the 2nd half
We have put out so far 81 billion worth of assistance
I think we need to look at a longer term prospective to give confidence to people
I think the worst of the pandemic is over
I think folks are getting ready to go back to work and reopen the economy
He wants to see incentives to get US economy roaring
Ramping up regulations would be harmful to US economy
The other side the political aisle would punish the economy
We want people to have more after-tax gains
He thinks liquidity and cash phase of policies to help economy is coming to an end
Remdesivir is a positive for the economy