Market Weekly: April 27 – May 3 2020


[color=purple][b]COVID-19 – some further thoughts based on medical & scientific videos
It will be a little worst than originally predicted … and folks can Monday morning QB this
but this virus was more lethal & capable of spreading than anyone imagined
so it took ALL by surprise (including even #45, media, and medical experts

Still #45 took action more promptly than most — once we learned this was worst than flu
NY & CA governors made nursing homes “take” COVID-19 folks & some mistakes made
and in NYC subway was reduced by 90% overcrowding cars — and list can go on & on

As Northern hemisphere improves, it will break out more in Southern hemisphere
(at least based on ‘survival in the wild’ … as summer dries out virus
and winter down under improves virus capability to spread .
Still – new treatments & vaccines are on the way

I wish this was a “bad dream” rather than like this classic sci-fi movie 8)[/b][/color]