Market Weekly: April 27 – May 3 2020


[i][size=5]YAY – FRIDAY is here & hope all have a great day & weekend ahead
DOW is down about -400 as some earning season concerns & outlook are of concern

Continuing to plant the victory gardens & seeing some nice young plants coming along 😆
Bambi & herd do no like MUSTARD GREENs & it is growing abundantly without fencing even :whistle:
Onions, green beans, and even a few early tomato plants are growing
Even doing some tree transplanting as found Japanese Maple seedings (which is expensive tree)
Also wild “morel” mushrooms are being found & these are edible
Life is good — esp. if we can distract ourselves from the COVID-19 “blues” 8)

Time for a little “Disco Friday” (as better half & me love that format as well)[/size][/i]–Lw