Market Weekly: April 19 – 26 2020


[color=green][i][b]HAPPY “EARTH DAY” 2020 8)
Quick passage by Senate of $500 BILLION for small business & hospitals
and now on the different world of the HOUSE to see if more PORK can be added :woohoo:

On EARTH DAY 2020 will take 1/2 day vacation to do some planting, photography, and watch the herd
We are experiencing GREEN NEW DEAL now – locked & sheltering in place
No burning fossil fuel & wild creatures returning to streets & actually cleaner skies 8)

However green new deal is more about “tax” & “govt control” than helping planet itself
Still I believe in ecology & not polluting — we have to gradually get there thru
laws of supply/demand & capitalism — and not the socialistic approach demanded by some in GOVT :ohmy: [/b][/i][/color]

[size=5][i]LOL – 1st & 4th links are more extremes — even though they make some valid points
1st link is what kids are being taught these days – got good laugh this morning 😉 :lol:[/i][/size]