Market Weekly: April 12 – 18 2020


[b][color=purple]Just based on “FAKEBOOK” & other social media platforms — USA must get back to work
as fake Washington “compost” article noting “CHECKS BEING DELAYED TO GET #45’s NAME ON IT
and some friends & even family members going crazy on that & the “stacking of bodies” fake reports as well
and certainly many things I personally disagree with but respect position of commander-and-chief
and pray daily just I did for #44 (who I disagreed with many directions — but liked him & family)

Watching too much CNN, FOX, or hanging out on DRUDGE or FACEBOOK news feeds — is gloom-and-doom
There is a lot of good occurring within the pandemic & hopefully best minds in world will get us a long term solution
Also, even those getting CHECKS will not have “months delay” as was earlier reported — but maybe a few weeks delay

Politics are certainly a “live wire” for discussion & the crazy anti-45 fever may be another disease to cure eventually – lol
(portraying #45 to be more dangerous than virus itself) ..

I think link below are actual facts on this? … is that Trump’s name may appear in type (cannot sign) & ZERO DELAY in getting it out
as working in computer field (that’s a fixed area on master template that has ALREADY BEEN SETUP in advance
And one of many examples where folks need to be more “cautious” – lol
People are going crazy as maybe an “idle mind is devils workshop” 👿 [/color]