Market Weekly: Apr 16 Apr 20 2018


[b]I did take time off from work today & had close encounters with some deer that were startled … we still are in volatile times where we can swing 1% in either direction — all based on the “sound byte” of the day – whether true or false … I’m heading to bunkers at 4:20 in this crazed world we live in – lol 😉 Statistically, I would not want to be on highways as a few might be celebrating. Instead, I’m planting hot peppers & cherry tomatoes for what I hope is best garden ever 🙂

And back to markets where some profit taking is underway … I was tempted to buy GE on dip – as indeed they did better than expected 🙂

and the lessons learned from Wells Fargo & even some of our recent GOVT scandals — The TRUTH will always win out – when you try to cheat someone else with false info[/b]