IRMA – New Storm off Sahara Desert


My better half got me some nice hiking shoes recently & the deer love the fallen apples & peaches on the ground (although I try to get best ones before they do) … when I went to garden I was heartbroken to see all the habaneros & bhut jolokia (aka “ghost”) lying on the ground (winds + plants had about 3″ rain) … but I got stakes & got them up off the ground (so fruit will not form end rot & only lost maybe 10% of future crop due to broken branches off pepper plants) … I’m thankful both the Irma hurricane remnants & a rare VA EQK all in the same day were very minor in nature … Life is good — and I do it improves for the Houstonians & Floridians as well in coming days

P.S. BTW the “L” (LEE) storm just popped off the SAHARA & we’ll see Tropical Storm in probably 3-4 days ,,,