IRMA – New Storm off Sahara Desert


[quote=”CautiousInvestor” post=1392][quote=”Assistanc3″ post=1390]Since Canadian companies seem to not be allowed to make oil pipelines, maybe they should get in the business of making water pipelines?

^^^ +3 – excellent idea …. As Rush noted today … … They may oppose a pipeline (i.e., gallon of water often costs more than gallon of gas) … [color=red”>Water in PLASTIC bottles is one of most expensive things to buy & often same content as tap water (maybe a less flouride in metro areas)… and he noted that folks should fill up on old fashioned tap water & also freeze it — as better & less expensive & better environmental option …. as too much plastic in landfills or in huge ocean floating reefs is not good for “mother Earth”[/quote]

Don’t get me started on “Big Water”
I have plenty of rants on Twitter about those companies