Iran Energy Sector on Full Alert Against Physical and Cyber Threats

Helmholtz Watson

Hassan Rouhani of Iran and Vladimir Putin pose for selfie taken by Armenia’s PM

The Iranian president smiled and looked at ease as he sat in front of the Russian
The picture was posted on Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s Facebook
The encounter was part of a bilateral meeting in Armenia on Iran’s nuclear deal
Situation in Strait of Hormuz was also a talking point, a Kremlin spokesman said

The Iranian president (second from right) smiled and looked at ease as he sat in front of the Russian premier (centre right), who appeared characteristically stern. In the selfie Nikol Pashinyan (left), Rouhani and Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev (back left) smile for the camera

he post drew a wave of reaction on Facebook, with some joking about Putin’s expression.

One man commented: ‘We are going, we are going to a neighbouring village to a disco.’

Another wrote: ‘Look at the awkward face of Putin. Half worried that he wouldn’t be able to see, but the prime minister’s cheerfulness goes to his heart. God forbid, that’s the future of our song.’

One man posted: ‘You put them in to a party bus lol.’