IMF says U.S. Dollar Overvalued by 10-20%, Euro Too Low For Germany


[quote=”Assistanc3″ post=407][quote=”TradersCom” post=401]They are talking as a basket on trade weighted basis and against majors. Australia and Canada different beasts as commodity currencies and in a low growth environment – will go back and read full report and see if they crack a mention.[/quote]
low growth environment?

The IMF now expects Canada’s gross domestic product to grow 2.5 per cent this year, leading G7 growth, according to its latest World Economic Outlook. That’s up from the prior forecast of 1.9 per cent released in April.

IMF predicts Canada will pass the U.S. to top G7 growth this year[/quote]

Indeed good to Canada’s growth is kicking on but am talking about world growth with all the trillion’s printed the US and European growth has never taken off with that about of pump priming should it not be over 4% minimum?

Canada’s stronger growth would support it’s currency or will that be under siege with a higher Loonie and raised rates?