You have your pet deer, and now appears I have a pet raccoon.

Last year there was a baby raccoon which was the smaller of its siblings which frequented my yard looking for food, and because of how much smaller it was than the others and was bullied by the other raccoons for food they found I began feeding it to make sure it would survive. Now every single night or early morning (usually anytime from sundown to sunup) it’s at my backdoor wanting food – often laying on the back porch waiting for me to walk outside so it can run around my feet in circles begging for food.

For example: Was exhausted by yesterday evening so went to sleep around 8;30pm, not waking up until around 6am this morning. So when the raccoon noticed me in the living room at 6:20am this morning after sunup the raccoon began banging with its paws on the backdoor to get my attention so I would take it a large bowl of dry cat food. All the other raccoons around our neighborhood will not come out when their is sunlight, only looking for food when it’s dark.