[color=teal][b]Mtns of SW VA is also RATTLESNAKE country (I always carry a “big stick” (lol) while hiking … grow 4 or 5 feet & once place about 2 miles away is notorious (very rocky & they abound) … we have mostly blacksnakes but am still CAUTIOUS 😉

I was going to “snail mail” some GHOST pepper seeds to a good friend in Dayton — but I did not want to risk violating some of agriculture interstate laws that might be in place – lol .. and I have learned to dry out my own pepper seeds & they will germinate well once May or June arrives (all varieties) .. Simply cut out core with seeds — place in jar lid & let sit in the window seal for several days …

I have 16 ghost peppers growing in former flower bed that I have expanded 🙂 — these are about 10X hotter than habenaroes 🙂 Will be planting many other varieties also (as have a ton of habs seeds — which is one of favorite flavors … I had 7 in last chili batch 8) I still have about 50+ ghosts and 200+ habs frozen from 2017 crop … I could make some good $$$ actually growing & drying some of most exotic pepper plants (and thankful for great health where I can enjoy the good vitamin “C” and metabolism benefits)

P.S. Tis season of spring fawns – and time to listen to race on radio – while hiking high mtn trails of SW VA 8)[/b][/color]