[color=green][b]Will share photo links in future for garden & strawberry updates … I have learned the art of curing my own hot pepper seeds & growing them now in the garden … I’ve got about 15 ghost pepper plants … including 10 in former flower bed at front door & another row of 5 to be planted ..

TIP — you can take any pepper … carve out seed core & put in a lid to dry out on a window seal …. after a few days, simply plant in a row about 4 inches apart & mother nature will do rest 🙂

P.S. have made some awesome chili lately (Wolfs Authentic chili + baked-beans + peppers + cheese — in CROCKPOT 🙂 .. One recent impressive batch had about 7 habs in it … but just ONE ghost pepper will easily surpass — I can get used to the habs, but never the ghost (only 1 needed in huge crockpot — and have went up to 3 in past batches)[/b][/color]