FCC Votes Down Net Neutrality


[color=teal][size=5][b]Being computer geek, I will share a few brief comments

1. I favor keeping the 2015 law — so ISPs won’t gouge streamers or others — this simply returns us to 2015 standards (which was working somewhat fine at times) … but there were ISPs who abused system and would slow down live or other video streaming, so they could keep you on the “cord”

2. If an ISP wants to survive they need to give good quality service — so that pre-2015 abuses should not be common place. Folks will switch if they can’t stream well (unless in rural area there is a monopoly on services)

3. ISPs can layer plans for Premium, Standard, or limited service plans … although if consumers pick wrongly they will pay their nose

While eliminating current law could lead to higher fees for folks like myself who need maximum services to telecommute or stream — it’s not the end of world as we are mainly just undoing a 2015 regulation that put a burdensome restriction on ISPs.[/b][/size][/color]