FBI alert about home and office routers


In case anyone hasn’t seen, the following is an alert by the FBI issued on May 25, 2018 about home and office routers to stop Russian malware .

Foreign Cyber Actors Target Home and Office Routers and Networked Devices Worldwide


Article about how to resolve the malware placed into home and office routers around the globe by Russian cyber-military group Fancy Bear (Forbes: It is believed to be directed by Russia’s military intelligence agency.). “The advice to reboot, update, change default passwords, and disable remote administration is sound and in most cases requires no more than 15 minutes.”


An article by Forbes about the malware. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomcoughlin/2018/05/28/fbi-says-you-should-reboot-your-routers-and-nas-devices/

“The vulnerability is serious because the FBI says the malware, called “VPNFilter,” can interrupt internet access, steal information (to include personal information) from users, and use the device/router to spread malware.”

Sure CI and A3 can tells us more. ;>) According to what I read online, by doing a reboot of one’s home or office router it will also help the FBI determine how many routers in the USA were compromised by the Russian malware since the FBI has seized control of one of the sources which the malware reports back to.