Facebook’s Zuckerberg Senate Hearing on Data Sharing Breaches


[color=green][b]FB = up 7% after Zuck’s testimony 8) … I thought some of measures were sincere in terms of trading off profits for security … Still not 100% where it should be, but I liked a lot of what I heard 8)

and as A3 noted read fine print or better yet learn the BEST SAFETY & PRIVACY practices as an end user … while I do glance at EULAs, I usually don’t read, as I assume the worst & end users must know a lot about FB as company & look out for very dangerous data mining, malware, and fraud attacks … VERIFY before you TRUST (as one of my favorite presidents had it in wrong order – lol)

One interesting point — they may also start offering “premium” accounts where users pay for services[/b][/color]