Economic Havoc Fuels ExxonMobil First Quaterly Loss in 32 Years


there will be blood 👿 ) .

As travel & improved trade returns — BIG OIL will go up gradually in value 8) — in more of a “U” shaped recovery … Virginia & Michigan are 2 of very strictest essentials only — and we’ll be dragging up the rear – lol (and some of this is more political than protective — still I’m obeying law 100% to be safe for myself + others).

30% huge spike in dead batteries in SW VA … including my Toyota Avalon 2004 classic for not starting in about 10 days – as work-from-home is super busy for us now & did not want to take chances of “non-essential” travel in even doing some pleasure driving — but security alarm & other items are parasites on a battery & once you lose charge it’s usually time for a new one. We are going to get Advance Auto to attempt to recharge 1st.

As I shared a while back the MINUS 35 per barrel[/color] had to be a buy of lifetime — UN-BULL-EVIL-ABLE 👿 … even now OIL is excellent LONG term BUY in $25 range.:)[/b”>