Dow Crashes 1175 Points, Biggest Points Loss Ever


[color=navy][size=5]Good morning and re-sharing post of some thoughts from weekly thread

Futures were GREEN just a few minutes ago, but FUTURES fallen to minus 250 … it is CAT-and-MOUSE in the Futures PITs :woohoo:

Some interesting Reasons for plunge heard over past few days:

1. GREENSPAN — he noted that there are TWO bubbles (Stocks & Bonds both) — but what does he know – lol 🙂

2. During 8 years of #44 we lived in an era of CHEAP MONEY backed up artificially with ZIRP …

3. NEW FOMC leadership — The switch from Janet to “Jerry” is gonna be PAINFUL but eventually better long term … the days of EZ money is coming to end

4. It;s all #45’s fault 😉 🙂 … LOL – certainly FAKE news is happy to report

5. FEAR creates PANIC and OVER SELLING — Mitch S. noted a 30% to 50% possible correction as we have been overdue for a bear market correction for years ….

6. I’m definitely not that BEARISH — but I’m more in camp of seeing P/Es being around 14 to be truely balanced price-wise (at least that’s what we learned in ECON 101 in college – lol) … we are more in low 20s[/size][/color]