Coronavirus Highest Risk International Cities Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei


MARCH 12th – SUMMARY – from some of latest from China & other scientists
[size=5][i]Virus infects lungs & turns into virus factory
Easy to become infected with no natural immunity
Being near an infected victim is greatest danger
When victim coughs virus can stay alive in AIR for a few hours
and virus can live on surfaces for a few days
Good hygiene & avoidance & 1 meter space rule helpful
Biggest danger is those who are infected but don’t know it
while most victims have pnemonia like symtoms & recover
Older folks & weaken immune systems can cause difficult breathing
Folks must go on respirator to survive as virus turns on healthy tissue
Victims may drown in own lung fluids
At least 2 strains in circulating
US is about 2 months being China in virus life cycle (just like flu)
When it peaks in China — that will be best news we can hear[/i][/size]