Comparing CME and CBOE Bitcoin Futures


Well that didn’t last long … CBOE says will wind down bitcoin futures after their June contract expires. After initial headlines saying CME would too I see only news that CME says business as usual. So perhaps a news agency jumped the gun there (very OPEC like).

Of note CME’s contract has historically seen more trading volume. CME bitcoin futures’ 30-day average volume is more than four-times larger than Cboe’s.

The Cboe Futures Exchange, or CFE, said it will not add new bitcoin futures in March. It did not rule out the possibility of other cryptocurrency derivatives, though, and “is assessing its approach” for how it plans to continue.

“CFE is assessing its approach with respect to how it plans to continue to offer digital asset derivatives for trading. While it considers its next steps, CFE does not currently intend to list additional XBT futures contracts for trading,” the company said in its notice to investors.

In the meantime, active bitcoin contracts are still available to trade. But the last of those expires in June.