Bond King Bill Gross Thinks We Have Fake Markets


Bill, Gross said on Bloomberg TV Tuesday that he made “about $10 million” betting against GameStop shares.

“Ah, GameStop, eh? How do you do, fellow kids?”
“I got in too early. I was in the hole by about $10 million,” Gross recounted, telling Bloomberg he bet against shares using the options market. “I got in with options like a good Robinhood trader, I guess.”

Bill Gross also appears to be pressing his bets against the company. “I’m still selling call options at $250 and $300. I think this is the perfect opportunity for options sellers, not buyers, to take advantage,” he said.

Bill Gross also told Bloomberg he is expecting “3-4% inflation” and was short treasuries as a result. He is short the 10-year future and also commented that he is betting against the long bond “to a certain extent.”

Gross retired from his Janus Unconstrained Fund in February 2019 after spending years unable to generate consistent returns and stuffing his ex-wife’s air vents with dead fish. Gross had run the Janus Henderson Global Unconstrained Bond Fund since late 2014, however his annualized returns of less than 1% at Janus “failed to live up to his stellar long-term record from the Pimco era” as Bloomberg once diplomatically put it.

WallStreetBets may be eager to offer him up a second retirement: